Impossible to save odt file on Windows (infinite loop BASIC or write error)


On a windows 10 machine, i get troubles saving an odt file using LO, or even opening it with some error loading BASIC message. Very problematic, since file cannot be saved at all.
I found this fix after reading on the web:
I delete all the xlc files i find in C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\basic
This works (up to the point i run in safe mode, which recreates these files, with same bug to expect, impossible to save or even to load with error loading BASIC message).

  • what is the purpose of these xlc files.
  • is it safe to delete them (seems not being a big issue from what i see).
  • is this bug to be solved? seems a lot encounter it.
    Thanks for your inputs.

The exact message i get is" Error saving the document “name of my doc” Write Error. Error writing file. libreoffice"

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