Impress 5.2.3 5.2.4 slide background gradient lost after save

Hello, when i save a presentation that uses a gradient background for slides the actual colors of the gradient are lost in the saved file. This means that if I close the presentation and re-open it I get a gradient from black to white regardless of the color that was specified when editing the file.

This problem is reproducible even on a new presentation with one slide and no other objects on it. Just change the background to gradient, select some colors and save. Then close and re-open.

Thanks for your help

Exact same issue for me as well. Running WIN 10 and using LibreOffice FILESAVE in .odp format returns this exact same outcome. Using other save formats returns other issues – none SAVE properly. Looks like this bug has been around since 2015 from a search of the internet. . . isn’t anyone interested in fixing this? This alone, makes the presentation program (Impress) ill suited for prime time.