Impress and PDF import

Most of .PDF documents are not images, and have a lots of text within them. A lot of people (including myself) using this format for presentations and booklets.
Why LibreOffice treat .PDF (portable DOCUMENT format) as an image and open it in Draw instead of Impress?
How do i make LibreOffice to handle .pdf’s through Impress instead of Draw?
Is there any tweak that allows the user manually choose the program component to handle single given file?

From LibreOffice 6.x on you can insert pdf documents “as image” in Impress or Writer. But it shows only 1st page. Draw can “rip” pdf documents but only the simple way. For better ripping use Inkscape, masterPDF or AdobeAcrobat Writer.

On my LinuxComputer it is not possible to regularly open pdf files in Impress. If I connect simpress to pdf the pdf file is opened by Draw.

Bear in mind: This forum is for users, not developers of LO. An option for you:

pdf file is opened by Draw

that’s quite flawed,
i found a workaround opening .pdf in Draw, creating a new document in Impress, setting needed resolution and just copying and pasting all the slides from Draw to Impress. Works okay (most shapes and text spans stays in place), but i thought experienced LO users know some trick to tweak config or something to make Impress open .pdf directly.

anyway thanks for response,
i’ll ask developers about this issue if it’s possible

  • i’ll ask developers about this issue if it’s possible

Good idea. Compared to Word 2010 (and later versions) which can open pdf documents like an OCR program LO Draw only is able to “read/rip” pdfs as sample of single lines. There is only one exception I know: If a Writer document is “embedded” (Hybrid pdf) in a pdf container one can open this pdf document (automatically opens in Writer) and then edit as a native Writer document.

LibreOffice uses several filter imports to parse content from PDF

Default filter to “open” a PDF will do so with the Draw component.

Alternate filters to “open” PDF are provided for Writer and for Impress components.

There is also filter to insert the first page of a PDF as an image into any of the LO components, consistent with other image formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.).

To filter import open PDF directly into Impress – look for the file type in your os/file mamanager: ‘PDF - Portable Document Format (Impress) (*.pdf)’ or similar as localized. Similar for Writer and Draw which is otherwise the default.

I am having the same problem and I have a fresh PDF from Beamer. Metadata is fine. Export from LibreOffice Draw and then trying to open it with Impress doesn’t work. What do I do?

Great solution:
For instance, in my case:

Converts multipage.pdf black-on-white to white-on-transparent in seperate-per-page-files.png

convert -colorspace HSI -channel B -level 100,0% +channel -colorspace sRGB multipage.pdf page-%d.png

To open a pdf in impress, you must select in file type PDF for impress.

The file is open like in draw with a text box by line, but with one slide for page.
Maybe it helps.