Impress: Can I add a thumbnail of a slide to another slide?


I saw a lot of people using a summary slide that had thumbnails of some of their slides. Can this be done in Impress?


@alexka - What you explain looks similar to what I am doing. I will briefly describe it and you can take it as it is or modify according to your needs.

In my summary slide I use from about 3-7 small images of the most important slides. These slides have always mostly graphical elements which I want the audience to remember during the wrap up. Pictures stick more than words.

To get the small images I select the content of the slide without the title and without logo, footer etc. The omitted elements do not contribute to information but just clutter the image.

Next steps

  • ctrl+c to copy all selected elements into clipboard
  • Go to the target slide
  • click into the target slide
  • ctrl+shift+v (= paste special) and select GDI metafile (you also could use “bitmap”)
  • click on one of the four corners, press shift and adjust the image size to what I need (when press shift the side ratio stays constant)

I feel that this way is better than a real thumb nail an entire slide, therefore I described it.

If you like you can even set an interaction to small image which can bring you back to the original slide in case of questions.