Impress: Cannot remove page number from first slide

Libre Office Impress

I cannot figure out how to remove the slide number from my first slide. See the screen grabs attached for master slide settings.

Master slide dialog box

Header and footer dialog box

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Slide number is not ticked so the slide number that you can see must be a manually added field. Click on the slide number in the first slide to select it and then press Delete.

OK, sorry about that. I attached the wrong images. Here are the correct images, recaptured just now.

On the “header and footer” dialog, “Slide number” is checked as well as “Do not show on the first slide.” But notice that the slide number is on the first slide, my title slide (“slide-1.jpg”).

Slide 1 (title slide, should not show the slide #)

Slide 2 (correctly showing slide #2)

Header and footer dialog

Master slide

OK, I solved the problem.

I should put the text I want to appear on the slides in the footer. But, in order for that text to be “active” I must have the master element specified in the master slide.