Impress cant open mp4 video

WHY cant i simply import a .mp4 video? Do i really need a third party codec?

*Windows 10 fully updated.
*Win10 movie player plays all .mp4 so I must have DirectShow.
*was working fine on my MS Powerpoint version but im stuck in a hotel and everyone said LibreOffice was worth it. and now im about to scream and throw this laptop out a window after i uninstall and hire a warlock to curse this project to the end of time

please this is freaking 2021. i know covid is out there and eveyrone is crazzzzzeeeee but humanity might be doomed if a media program cant run the simplest container. save me from madness

Does this help? Media Support/Windows - The Document Foundation Wiki

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I should not do this for you. But maybe somebody less enraged will benefit of this answer/link easily found quicker than writing your question.

If you really think MS is not constantly breaking working protocol to be replaced by a new Win-only solution, please stay in your saucepot and embrace madness. And NEVER look at anything not from MS.

It may surprise you: There are other concepts for development outside MS and some people never considered falling in your trap.

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