Impress: Can't rotate video (rotation tab is disabled)


I am making a presentation on libreoffice impress and I insert videos in it.
I am trying to rotate some (90 degree) but I can’t.
If I right click on the image, in position and size, rotation tab, everything is “greyed” and disabled.
How can I do to rotate 90 degree my video ?


This is an operation I’d prefer doing outside of LibreOffice (not even sure it’s doable in LO).

Even as simple as rotating a short clip, the operation depends on a lot of things correctly installed on your operating system; some of them depending on specific codecs and/or patented software (example: software included with your phone/camera/etc.)

To work with most common video formats, including rotation and other simple edits, I recommend an open source video editor like Openshot, available for most common operating systems.

ok thanks, I’ll try openshot