impress command to select to start of block

The impress documentation says that the keystrokes shift-ctrl-home and shift-ctrl-end “go and select to start/end of current block”, and this used to be the case. However recent versions have changed this to “move slide to start/end of presentation”. It would be easy to customise the keystroke as it used to be, if I knew what command did “go and select to start/end of current block”, but I cannot find it in the command list. Can someone enlighten me, please?

I just switched to an English UI and can’t find it either, although there is German in mine.

I would report it as an bug.
[Bugzilla – Main Page](
[How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice](

Thanks ebot. Reported bug. Very annoying. In the meantime, can I work around by changing language?

Try it. You can select the language settings in LibreOffice under Tools>Options>Language Settings>Languages.

![image description](upload://pYsm1LbhfgOzMSXyPhyo5oW6eRr.png)

Where is the Bugnumber? Please edit your question and fix it.