Impress: Create LO Impress show

Good day.
I have just joined LibreOffice and this is my first post here.

Is it possible to export/save as an Impress presentation so that it can be showed on a computer that does not have LO Impress or any other Office package. (I want to make a presentation of our church’s announcements and then show it in our church that doesn’t have any Office package installed.)

Thanks. Deon

You could install a portable version of LibreOffice on a USB drive and run the presentation from there. This only works on Windows computers I think. Of course Linux installations normally come with LO installed or ready to install.

Great, thanks. Wasn’t aware of this.

As @Astur says and I didn’t think to mention, PDF can be a good option if you aren’t sure.

When presenting on Adobe Reader press Ctrl+L for full screen (no menus), my presenter (clicker) works normally using the forward and backwards buttons.