Impress: Edit notes and slides at once?

Every presentation software I’ve used has allowed me to edit notes and the slide content in a single view, but it seems Impress doesn’t allow that? I can either edit the notes (by clicking the ‘Notes’ tab…once I figured out that these tabs exist and are not displayed by default) or I can edit the slide content. I can’t do both at once and instead have to bounce between two views.

Is this correct? Is it true that there’s no way to edit both slide contents and notes in the same view?

  • LibreOffice v5.6.3.1
  • macOS Sierra (v10.12.6)
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Anything new on this?

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How can this still not be possible in 2021. It can not be that hard to implement and it makes working with notes in Impress so inconvenient.

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Thank your for reporting. It is not currently possible. This would be a very helpful improvement indeed.

The RFE (request for enhancement) has already been reported. See also : tdf#47448



I take my original response back. Apparently you cannot edit both. I’d swear in a previous version that was possible. Perhaps that is just wishful thinking.