impress embedded images displayed as thumbnails

Hi I put together a presentation with a variety of images cut and then pasted into Impress.
For some reason, part way through building the presentation, the images disappeared and in their place I now see thumbnails. You might call them icons or placeholders. I don’t care what we call them but I’m no longer impressed with Impress.

The file is only 2.5 MB so it’s not enormous by any stretch. Have latest version of Libre (64bit).

This happened in the Text Document application also. I’d save a perfectly good looking document with images cut and pasted into it then save it. Open it some time later and it refuses to display the images. Once again thumbnails appear.

Have sent this file to another computer with Libre on it. The document once again refuses to resolve properly.

Any help would be appreciated urgently as I’m right in the middle of developing a business presentation.


From where do you copy the images? Which operating system do you use? Do you make sure, that the images are really embedded? Go to ‘Edit’ > ‘Links to external files’ and break links before saving the file.