Impress - encoding settings for linked video (LO4/XP/K-lite Mega 9.8.0)


(This is possibly more a DirectShow question than a LibreOffice question, but I’m sure it will be a common problem for LO users)

I have several Powerpoint files which include links to .AVI files.
They are set up to work from a win7 laptop, which has Powerpoint 10 on it, though the files seem to be in MSO97/2003 format.
However, I want to make the presentation/s such that it/they can be opened and played on LibreOffice because:

  • I want to edit the files on my own XP machine, on which I don’t have (or want) MSOffice,
  • I need to change the locations of the video files to make them easier to bundle with the presentation file (and they badly need re-encoding anyway)
  • then I can play it on other machines which might also not have MSOffice installed (I can use a USB stick with LO portable on it, for example)
  • it is a Good Thing To Do

When I try to re-insert the files into the presentation I get the message “The format of the selected file is not supported”, which is marginally more informative than a message box that simply says “NO!”.

Other AVI files work, but I’ve tried re-encoding my source video files using different codecs (e.g. xvid, divx, indeo) and get the same error message. I have installed K-lite Mega 9.8.0.

I am aware that Impress lets the OS handle the playback of files, and that it’s something to do with whether Directshow is capable of handling them or not, but when some AVI files seem to work OK and others don’t this doesn’t really help me much.

Assuming I am not missing anything else, does anyone know of some good settings I could use (in virtualdub or avidemux) to encode my AVI files such that they are more likely to work reasonably portably on whatever machine I choose to plug my USB stick into? AVI files would be preferred, so that I can simply replace the old AVI files with new (identically-named) ones and not faff about about with editing all the links in all the presentation files.

(I’d hate to have to ask for my money back :wink: )

Share and Enjoy.

p.s. and please don’t suggest that I construct a portable linux distribution for it, satisfying though it would be…