Impress Fade out music at end of presentation

I have created a slideshow in Impress with auto slide transition every 5 sec. It contains photos on each slide plus one blank white slide at the end.
In the first slide I have added an mp3 in the slide transition settings to play for the duration of the presentation.
At the end of the presentation the music stops abrubtly. Instead I want the music to “fade out” when the last empty slide is reached. Means the volume should go from 100% to 0% in e.g. 5 sec.

Is that possible?

I am using libreoffce Version: and Win7 64 bit.


Hello @Jim_Panse_87,

you could use a dedicated Audio Editor such as Audacity to pre-process your audio file and add a Fade out there.

E.g. see Fade and Crossfade