Impress: Fill Format Mode not working

I am using Impress in LibreOffice, German language on a Debian 8.2 laptop. In the Format - Styles and Formatting window, the Fill Format Mode is not working: I can select the button, but as soon as I move the courser to the slide part of the window, the courser’s shape does not change, as it does for example in Writer or Calc. Therefore, I cannot assign a different format style to any text box etc.

I checked, I have the same problem in LibreOffice

I would be happy about any hints. Thanks in advance!

Same issue here, shows up on LO 4, 4.5 and 5 in Linux mint

I’ve found a workaround to this problem: it seems that only styles under the “Presentation Styles” grouping (right button) are broken. Fill Formatting works just fine with the “Drawing Object Styles” grouping (left button), so when creating your own styles, create them there!

See my bug report on this issue for more details on what does and doesn’t work with Presentation Styles:
link text