Impress gives Fatal Error - Bad Allocation when trying to save

I have just upgraded to LibreOffice 4.3.6, but this error had appeared in the previous version, but only in the last week. I have been trying to add photos to my presentation but I cannot get Impress to save the amended version, about 3/4 way through Save stops and a little notice appears saying LibreOffice Fatal Error Bad Allocation. I then have to go through the recovery procedure to get my presentation back. What is causing this and how can I add ( and delete) new photos to my presentation?
Operating system is Windows 8.1
Help please.

I have the same problem using LO My Impress file is 51 slides and 75,508 KB in size. I’m trying to add at least 5 more photographs/slides to it.

How many pictures did you add to your presentation and how big are all the files together?

I can imagine that there is somewhere a limit which can also be caused by the available RAM. Compare the size of your presentation or the sum of the data volume of your pictures with the memory size.

You also can try to reset your user profile. For details please refer to: and see if this helps.

I had this problem with a spreadsheet where I set a chart’s data ranges to entire columns. For some reason this created a 600 MB file inside the .ods (Object 2 / content.xml?), which compressed down to a 5 MB .ods file, but extremely slowed down my computer and caused this error in the process.