Impress - Having problems displaying slides in reverse - slideshow mode

In slideshow mode, and showing an imported .PPTX file, displaying slides backwards (so as to go back to an earlier slide) using the arrow keys corrupts the animations on other slides, usually removing animations from part or all of random slides later in the pack. Is this a known problem and if so, how do I solve it? Is it a case of re-saving the .PPTX in the LibreOffice internal format and trying again? I am using W10 and LO Thanks in advance.

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After that, edit your question to add LO version and OS name. I understand that you are savaing as .pptx instead of .odp. Does the problem persist after careful adaptation and saving in native format?

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@ajlittoz,OK, thanks, in response to your earlier question, navigation is slightly improved by saving as a .ODP rather than a .PPTX, but it’s still not good. I find I have to exit the slideshow completely and get into edit mode again to go back to a previous slide and still keep all my slides animated as I originally edited. I then restart the slideshow from the slide I had just reached. Not much of a workaround but currently it’s all I have. NB the animations are not really deleted - if I close the pack and reopen it they are all there. It’s just that seems to get very confused if you try to show the slides in any direction other than forwards.

I’m also affected by this on Linux with the Flatpak version of I only use reveal animations. Nothing fancy only very basic and simple stuff.

Is there a Bug report open for this issue? I seem not to be able to find it.