Impress Horizontal scrolling is limited

Whenever I open a presentation even if it is pptx or odp, if there are slides with horizontal content that extends beyond the slide, the horizontal scroll bar does not shrink to allow scrolling until the end of the content, but is limited to +/-75% of the slide size.

So I can never reach/see the left/right end of the content.

Is there any way to manually scroll/drag the view area to scroll to the end of the slide content on the right/left? Maybe something like infinite drag/scroll?
If I zoom out I can zoom out far enough to see all content, but I want then to zoom in and focus on the part that I need to be looking at, which I cannot seem to figure out how to do.


Why you need oversized objects? Optimize them to the Slide size.

That’s a good question. We use a git branching diagram on a slide which extends way beyond the slide (that will be hidden during presentation), but move it each month from right to left as it advances with commits and the diagram remains in the past (left side of the slide), the focus being only on the center of the slide. When opening in MS PowerPoint you can scroll however you like and zoom in/out to move and see any part of the looong branch. In Impress you cannot do that.
I cannot change the layout of the slide because it is not my presentation.