Impress: How can I "click" a shape with a keypress during presentation mode?

(New user, here) I’m looking to create an Impress presentation on a screen which will only have keypad input, (Keys 1-16). I’m currently having a macro run when an oval is selected on screen (for testing), but I am having to click the oval. There will be no mouse functionality in the final product. Does anyone know a way that I can link a custom keypress to “click” a certain shape or other interface on-screen during the presentation? I also would like it to be used separately for each slide, as in having 2-4 shapes on each slide (named something like Button 1,2,etc.) and accessing them based on what keypress is recognized. Most recent version is installed at the moment, and I am working on a Windows PC while waiting for access to a Raspberry Pi for the final product. Let me know if any other information is needed, I’d be glad to provide.