[Impress] How can you create a master for a title page that's different from all other master pages within the same template?

I would like to find out if you can create an Impress template for a presentation that has a different master page for the title slide, and a different master page for all the other slides in the presentation. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to have two master pages; one for the title and 1 for normal slides. My template has a title and slide master created all in LibO Impress.

It is a bit tricky because ou can only add a new master page and all master pages are based on the same basic pattern.

Just go into the slide master and add a new master page => 2 master pages, which are exactly the same.
Next: modify one master page for your title and one for the other slides.
Then: save the file as your template.

If needed you can add more master slides.

I kind of have two master slides, but I can’t add another master slide template in my document. Besides that second master slide doesn’t have the same preview thumbnail as it really is in the design window.