Impress: How to define an editable footer in master slide?

I’m looking for a way to include an editable footer to the master slide, editable in the sense that I’m able to change the content locally in a derived slide while defining its style in the master.

This is a common feature in PowerPoint and used for including links or references, for example.

Version: / LibreOffice Community, Build ID: 10(Build:2)

Please have a look at this description, I think it will help you:

Customize fields of the footer

Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, this fixes the footer globally. However, I’m asking for a way to keep the footer flexible in every derived slide in order to locally include, for example, links or references to literature.

You can only achieve this if you do not use the footer function and instead work with text fields.

Or you work only partially with the footer global and use additional text fields.