Impress, how to disable preview screen?

OS Win 7, two monitors (1 and 2) next to each other. Want to have on 1 the full screen presentation and have monitor 2 free to make another document or to search on the internet. How to disable the preview screen?

I guess you mean the “Presenter Console”. Try to disable it in Tools > Options > Impress > General > Presentation. If that does not work, try to show the presentation in “Window” instead of “Default”. That is in Slide Show > Slide Show Settings. There are also the settings to choose the monitor. (I have currently no second monitor to test it.)

Would be great if there were also a way to do this after pressing ‘F5’ to commence a presentation. It’s a little unintuitive to only have the global on/off setting for this option (after all, we have the “switch screen” button, why not a “single screen” option?)

Danke, it works. The slide show pops up on screen 2 and the “original document” on screen 1 can be minimized.