Impress: How to export an ODP file into a single editable file which includes text and images (HTML; ODT)?

Is it possible to export slides and notes into a single HTML document with images on slides preserved at least near to their relative positions in original presentation? For example, after a slide header.

If not, is there a solution to automatically merge default multipage export to get a single document without default slide-to-slide arrow navigation, but with HTML Element ID href navigation by Headers instead?

The reason I want to export to HTML is to make text accessible for text editors and version control.

I’ve tried Export to XHTML, but it seems not to be working correctly - some images and texts are invisible or missing, navigation is not preserved, notes are missing too. But it’s the nearest to desired output.

For now the single solution I could think of is to export text as HTML and images as PNG separately, later to be put at place manually. But it’s pretty time consuming.

Your question is tagged as pptx. My answer is related to odp. :wink:

IMHO there is no possibility to do that (export in single html document which includes image or images. You could do that but it’s not exactly reader friendly and in some ways cumbersome.)

Instead use this workaround:

Export into PDF file, include bookmarks. If you want to publish on a website you could insert code similar to…


<iframe style="width: 500px; height: 800px;" src="" height="240" width="320" frameborder="0"></iframe>

(source: Ein PDF Dokument direkt auf deiner Seite anzeigen -


<object data="/images/website/documente/MyPDF.pdf" type="application/pdf" style="width: 750px; height: 800px;" width="750px" height="800px"><a href="/images/website/documente/MyPDF.pdf">PDF laden</a></object>

Thanks. Good option for publication purposes, but this doesn’t solve my problem, because I want to make text accessible for text editors. So, there is really no option?

I think there is no option for export in a single HTML page including the images. What you can do is to export your presentation into HTML (with or without frames) and then to create a single MHT (or MHTML) file which can embed images. In former times Opera and Internet Explorer browsers could do that. Firefox often failed even in displaying them (there was a special applet; AFAIK it is no more available/working). Both mentioned browsers produced different MHT files which differred in layout… But my knowledge is not up to date!


A better choice for editing is… WRITER. There you may embed your images without problems (small files). And changes can easily be noticed by menu Edit | Track Changes.
For collaborating use LibreOffice (or LibreOffice portable for friends of Microsoft Word - avoid a mixture of word processing apps).

Thanks. Btw, images could be embedded into HTML with base64 encoding.
Is it possible to convert ODP to ODT to edit it there?

(I “mentioned” the base64 encoding in my above linking text it’s not exactly reader friendly. - But: Is it easy to edit a file of this kind?)


Is it possible to convert ODP to ODT to edit it there?

If I converted ODP to ODT - I would proceed like this:

  • export ODP to PDF format (= one file including text and images)
  • Import as a text file via Abbyy Finereader or IRIS or Microsoft Word (from version 2016 on pretty easy)
  • save as an ODT file

The import of PDF files in Draw or (in Writer) via clipboard will produce single text lines (as objects) or single lines as paragraphs. It’s cumbersome to transform these in well editable text.


Probably a better experienced reader could help better. - Cheers