Impress: How to resize notes window when in presentation mode?

I have some notes added to my slides. When I start a presentation, on my screen on the top left there is a small window of the current slide, on the bottom left an even smaller window of the next slide, and more than half of the screen shows my notes. How can I change the sizes of those windows? Thanks

Did you try to click ‘Close’ on notes? Or Zoom out a bit (plus and minus sign below notes). Also, presenter console has help - click question mark at the bottom of the screen.

Such a petty, that resizing windows in presenter mode is still not available as of now. If you are using the presenter mode on a laptop the current slide window is much to small and the notes window to large. Changing the sizes of each (sub) window by dragging the borders would be really helpful. MS Powerpoint has it since many versions.

I stumbled upon the same problem. I don’t think it’s configurable, and that’s pretty bad.
Only zooming in/out the text is useful to those who read their presentation, while I’d like to have some quick reminder only.

  1. This is not an answer to the question, so it shouldn’t be posted as such: this is something that should be a comment.
  2. The use case is unclear. There are 3 modes of the presenter console (switchable using shortcuts): showing the 2 slides in large view, or notes (large) + 2 slides (smaller), or slides overview. Each has its use case. But there’s no use case for large slides + small unreadable notes.

You’re right this should’ve gone to the comments. My fault there.
I disagree of not being there a use case: resizing the notes overview should be a presenters choice (the same way one can resize the notes). E.g. I’d like to have current slide and notes window/view the same size.

“Should” is just a word expressing one’s imagination of an ideal world. In reality, everything has its price. Everything is possible (just someone needs to do that); but any change brings its pile of possible bugs and maintenance cost. So it needs (1) to be justified; and (2) to have an interested developer. Even the (1) is unclear at the moment.

Almost 2 years later, this functionality is still not there in LibreOffice Impress. About the ongoing thread, while the need for resizability of every window in the presenter console is not super enabling, I do think it is somewhat justified. A good trade-off would be that the size of the notes window is smaller than what it currently is - I do not see why the notes window should be so much bigger than the slide window - it should be equal size at the best, preferably smaller.

Many of us use Zoom or other online services. Assuming you have two screens, with both screens in fullscreen mode, Zoom cannot be used. My workaround is to use the Windows button to get Webex on top of the notes screen. With PowerPoint I could resize the notes screen, but I see that functionality hasn’t been added to Impress yet. Using both entire screens is too much.

With regards to the use case, if the presenter console is large and there are relatively few or concise notes, resizing is desirable for 3 reasons:

  1. so that the presenter will be able to scan up and down concise notes formatted as a list which can be read more quickly than sentences that require screen with,
  2. so that the current slide will extend further to the right minimizing the presenters eye movements, and
  3. during videoconferences, if the primary and secondary displays are of differing resolutions, there can be an undesirable adjustment to the differing scales required which can distract the presenter. As a concrete example my displays are 3840x2160 and 1920x1080.

I would argue that in addition to making each pane (current slide, next slide, & notes) resizeable, to accommodate different display configurations and presenter preferences, it would be beneficial to be able to move each pane to arrange them to their preferences, and to be able move the presenter mode control pane so that the presenter can ensure it is always visible and conveniently placed.