Impress: How to select and edit all text boxes at once.

(LibreOffice When I upgraded to Fedora 26, either all the text boxes in my Impress file got shifted relative to geometric objects (lines, rectangles, etc.), or visa-versa. This file (1 slide) has about 50 text boxes and 50 geometric objects… How do I select all the text boxes in the file at the same time, so I can shift them all back to where they should be relative to the geometric objects? …or is there a better way to do this?


Perhaps try Ctrl + A - that should select on items on a page.

Select items whilst holding shift.


Thank-you, Lucas.
Ctrl+A selects everything. I want to select all text boxes, but nothing else.
Holding shift while selecting can work, but is error-prone, and I’m wanting to select about 50 items at once.

Is there a way of selecting all items of a specific type (text box) all at once, without selecting any objects of other types (lines, rectangles, etc.)

I wonder what the real problem is. The slide was fine just before the Fedora-26 upgrade. The trouble showed up right after.