(Impress) I want more slides per page of a handout

Hi, I am using Impress with Libre Office version

I would like to include more slides (15 slides) per one page of the handout layout. Is there a way for this?

Currently, the maximum number of slides of a handout layout seems to be 9.

Thank you very much in advance.

EDIT_1: Sorry for the confusion, but the question was about how to increase the number of slides per a handout page, rather than the number of handout pages. Thank you anyway. It would be much appreciated if you could also consider answering the edited question.

I have clarified the question. Sorry for the confusion. The question is about increasing the number of slides per page of handout.

The system handout to slide is 1:1.

The best way is to separate the handouts textually so that a 1: 1 situation arises. Otherwise, the viewer may only be confused.

I don’t know any way to insert additional handouts. You could insert more blank slides.

EDIT_1: You can hide the empty slides for the presentation.