impress image resize

In LibreOffice Impress 5 and previous versions, I used to have images or text boxes partly off screen and the part off-screen would not show in presentation mode (as I wanted) but in LO 6, the entire image or box gets compressed and is placed on screen. Is there a setting to prevent this behaviour?

I understand I could crop my images but I should not have to. I never had this issue in LO 5.4 but it exists only in LO 6.0

Same problem. Really annoying.

Don’t know if there is a way to prevent that behavior, however it is pretty easy to resize the image by using the corner or side resize handles (or whatever they are called). It sounds like what you really want to do is to crop the image - use the cropping handles to select just the part of the image you want to display. (Format - Image - Crop)

I have more 50slide shows with about 20 slides per show to modify. I realize I could crop for static pictures but sometimes I zoom in and this leads to parts of the image off-screen. Besides with the number of slides to modify, this would be VERY tedious! This was not a problem in previous versions.