Impress: Image stretched when inserting SVG from file

I am inserting an SVG file into a slide in Impress. Upon inserting, the image is immediately stretched to the maximum height of the slide, without affecting the width. The result is a very distorted vertically stretched image. Here are a couple example screenshots-

What it should look like:

How it turns out:

This issue is occurring on LibreOffice - Build ID: 1c1366bba2ba2b554cd2ca4d87c06da81c05d24
I am running it on OS X 10.9.2

I have searched high and low for a solution to this issue to no avail. Wiki, help docs, Google-Fu, all come up empty. Am I just doing something wrong when importing the SVG? Is there some option that I’m missing to maintain the aspect ratio when importing from a file? Or is this an actual bug that should be submitted to

(edit: activated screenshots)

Does this happen with all .svg files? Can you please provide the shown .svg file, it might be an error in the file itself.

Every svg file that I’ve tried thus far has run into this issue. I’m just using files from The one that I have pictured in the screenshots is found here:

Sorry for the delayed response, I never got any notification that anyone had responded. -_-

Thanks for the further inquiries, let me know what else I can do to help get this figured out.

The problem is in this special .svg file (and likely in others from The file does not specify its width and height, but has only information about its aspect ratio in a svg:viewBox attribute. In LO 4.1 this is interpreted in the way, that the graphic is stretched to a DIN A4 portrait format. This has been changed since LO 4.2. Now the content itself determines the width and height. If no other size information exists in the .svg file but only svg:viewBox, then its values are interpreted as having unit 1px, and this is transformed to 2,54cm/90.

So you need a newer version of LO to get a more suitable import.

Ah, thank you! What bothers me about this is that I had thought I was running the latest version of LO, due to the “Check for Updates” dialog indicating so as seen here:

However, when I check the downloads page, version 4.2.2 is clearly available for download. @_@

Sorry to have troubled you! That was one of the first things I checked, but I guess the update dialog can’t really be trusted. Should I post another question specifically relating that that bug?