Impress images disappear randomly and spontaneously

Creating slides in latest version of impress (?4.2 after clean install) with jpegs…images randomly disappear spontaneously leaving a generic placeholder only. Closing file causes impress to lock and crash. Attempting to reopen file causes recovery wizard to appear and, most often, lock up. Occurs using Windows 7 and OpenSUSE 12.3 with all updates on the same AND different machines (laptop with nVidia graphics vs desktop with ATI graphics).

Becoming a dealbreaker.

The current (non pre-release) version is v4.1.2.3. What file format is being used i.e., ODP, PPT, PPTX? How were the images inserted i.e., drag-n-drop, Insert > Picture > From File…? What size is the presentation i.e., file size, number of slides, number of images, average size of images? Answers to these questions will help narrow down the problem.

Problem exists also in - Release version. I use ODP format, even with 40 slides it happens. Example: I placed 3times a symbol from the available image gallery, worked on the presentation 9-10 times, then all disappeared.

A similar bug has been reported in bugzilla with a temporary workaround in comment #69. It may be limited to .png images. Hopefully, it will get squared away properly soon.

Just downloaded the most recent version (Sept 9, '14). Images in Impress are still disappearing. Until I hear otherwise I’m shelving impress. Using Windows 7, saving files as .odp and .ppt, problem also occurs when I’m in Linux Mint.

Running latest version on MacOS 10.9.5. Same problem with either eps or png files.
Libreoffice impress is unusable because of this.

I’m having similar serious problems.

After using openoffice/libreoffice for years and having created and edited many odp presentations, now it has become unstable. eps files that I had imported long ago and had always worked fine no longer appear in slideshow mode or when exporting in pdf. Now I am finding that images will “randomly” disappear with just the placeholder remaining, just as you have described. I’m running it on Xubuntu and tried upgrading to the latest version. No luck with that.

These issues are very serious for me. How can I do a presentation when graphics may disappear for no apparent reason? I’m not sure what to do. If anyone has any suggestions I would certainly appreciate it. I’m not sure which way to turn.


Please note that EPS images have never worked fine as LO has no native EPS filter. There are quite a number of EPS-related bugs. The enhancement request to get native EPS rendering support in LO is fdo#67464. You have likely been fortunate the EPS images had no problem until now.

As @kjg321 has indicated in a comment above, this issue with disappearing images in Impress is most likely bug fdo#46447.

Since that bug report is now an all-inclusive nightmare covering several known problems (and related fixes). Note that at this point (v4.2-4.3) quite a number of fixes have been made and so the problem is much less severe than it originally was (v3.x-4.1). I am detailing here a few of the settings that may help alleviate the problem. As always, please take care to ensure any file being tested is firstly backed up and then tested thoroughly for any change / improvement.

Increase graphic cache

  • Tools > Options… > LibreOffice > Memory

    • Use for LibreOffice 256 MB
    • Memory per object 5 to 10 MB (depending on the size of the embedded images)
    • Remove from memory after 00:10 hh:mm
    • Number of objects 25 to 50 (depending on Memory per object)

Turn off AutoSave

  • Tools > Options… > Load/Save > General > Save section

    • Ensure the first four sub-options are all unchecked (URL options are OK)
  • Use manual CNTL+S to regularly save while working on any presentation

Other workarounds

  • Embbed (paste) images as GDI metafiles

  • Consider linking rather than embedding images

  • Open the ODP using an archive manager and remove the Configurations2/ directory. Note that this will lose certain setting information from the file.

Not an answer - Just a repeat

This issue still exists in on both Ubuntu and Windows (7 and Vista) on my desktops and my laptops. I don’t even have to save and re-open the file. As I build a presentation, images randomly disappear from previous slides. As has been mentioned, this is a serious problem one that pretty much renders Impress useless.

So I think I found a solution to the problem.

My images were disappearing as well if I left the slide show on too long or if I shut off the computer and brought it back up again. The answer, for me, was that the pictures were all “temporary.” In Power Point, pictures added to a presentation are saved to the presentation separately. In Libre, they seem to auto link to wherever they came from.

I’m not a computer geek or anything so if none of that made sense, I apologize. The solution, however, remains unchanged.

I added a file on my desktop “Presentation Pics” and threw all the pictures I wanted in my presentation into the file. Then whenever I wanted to add a picture, I would click “Insert,” “Image” and browse for the picture within that specific folder.

Any pictures you drag from the internet or seem to drag in general don’t seem to stick. Or if you add a picture and then later delete it, or add a picture and later move it, will cause them to eventually disappear. I’m guessing this is because it acts more as a link to the picture and/or a clipboard feature when you move a file and it cannot link to the image anymore? Save yourself the trouble and create a specific file for your presentation images.