Impress int link does not work after close and open

Hi @ all,
I have a presentation with links to sheets further on or back. If I set interaction … they all work fine. But if I close the presentation and open it again (or on another PC) the links don’ t work any more :-((

I found a answer to amuch the same problem, suggesting to name the sheets with the rename function in the sorter. I did this for all relevant sheets and set all links again. Everything worked until I closed and opened the file :-((

Do I eventually have to rename all sheets for this to work? Or is there something else to do to get this function working?

Waiting for your help and TIA,

PS: I tried it with LO on Linux Mint 17 and 18 and w LO 5.3.7 on Win7. All installations are german with heplpack and langpack. The links/jumps are bound to buttons.

On an openOffice-forum I found a tip for buttons (… ) press Ctrl+K or click on “Hyperlinks” in the “Insert”-menu and click on “document” in the left window. Click on the button right of “target in the document” and select your target with apply and close this window. At “further settings” choose “button” as the form and write a button-text into “Text”. Click on “Apply” and “OK”. Drag the butto to where you want it.

If you close the file and open it again, the links don’t work any more. But you can click on a link, press Ctrl+K an then “OK”. The button will work again. Thats not very good, but at least you don’t have to remember the link-targets.

So this is only half of a solution :-((

PS: I work with a german version, so the items may have slightly different names. Sorry for that. Karl