Impress Interaction Run Program


I am using Libre Office on Ubuntu, Trying to run a script on mouse click on object in Impress presentation, however script is opened in text editor instead of runing it.
There is no difference in behaviour between Run Program and Go to Document options from Interaction menu and it should not be the case.

Any suggestions?


Hello @trosho,

To connect your script to an presentation object in Impress, you could do :

  1. right-click on the object and choose the item “Interaction…”;
  2. In the dialog that pops up, select the item Run Macro from the dropdown menu;
  3. Then click on the Browse button to locate your script.

HTH, lib

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Hi Librebel,

This is true if you want to run a macro script in your document. However my aim is to run a Python script - /usr/bin/gnome-terminal . In that case you should select Run Program button. As I said it just opens the script in gedit instead of running it. If I put binary file in there I just get in syslog

Mar 3 21:26:13 tkubuntu libreoffice-impress.desktop[3699]: gio: file:///usr/bin/gnome-terminal.real: No application is registered as handling this file

So obviously it looks for app