Impress loosing format in Mac

Hi, I’ve been using LO for years now. Recently I’ve owned a Macbook Air, which I’ve naturally installed LO. However, all my presentations loose their design. Sometime an image is gone, other is the strange size of a picture. I’ve searched but couldn’t find a reason that explain that behavior. It’s not random! If I open the same file in Ubuntu I get the correct layout. I really need help!

Which version of LO are you using ?
Which type of images are not being displayed ?
The stretching of certain image types is a known bug, especially if they have been cropped (tdf#112538).

oh and tdf#116082 for a more generic overview of the various display bugs related to image DPI management

I’m not sure if images were cropped, but you help is, by far, the best explanation I got so far. Thank you!