Impress - Mouse Pointer as Pen not working in Presenter View Mode

Hi, everyone,

I’ve installed LibreOffice [Linux Mint 20.04] and I’m actually quite happy with it but there is a problem that’s annoying me:

Mouse Pointer as Pen is working OK in normal Presentation Mode with single screen and/or mirrored displays. What I do write/draw on my primary display is visible on both displays.

However, in Presenter View Mode I’m able to draw or write something only when my mouse/pen is showing on the extended display, i.e. the screen the audience can view. In this case what is drawn/written on the extended display is visible on both displays.

When I try to write/draw something on my primary display, i.e. which is hidden from the audience and only I can view (with current slide, next slide, presenter notes etc.), there are no drawings or writings visible until the moment I move the mouse/pen to the second display. In other words I draw/write something without seeing it and then it suddenly gets visible on the extended display (but even in that case not on the main one!). You can easily imagine that the writings/drawings look mostly ridiculous …

This is a huge problem, especially for someone like me who is using a convertible laptop (in my case - Thinkpad X230t) and a pen instead of mouse. Even if I wanted (I do not), I wouldn’t be able to draw/write with the pen on the extended display.

I’m kindly asking for your help. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I’ve tried WPS-Office and then everything worked flawless, but I would like to use only LibreOffice, which I actually do like a lot. However the described problem could be a deal-breaker as I use to present quite often.

Thank you in advance!