Impress mp4 movies fail to play

MP4 movies fail to play in libreoffice with gstreamer 1.20 and all necessary codes and libraries
installed. What happens is that the movie plays in a shrunken window in black and white with a completely screwed up aspect ratio. This window cannot be resized. When the movie starts to play the following error appears in in terminal:

(soffice:7793): GStreamer-Video-CRITICAL **: 15:56:03.780: gst_video_center_rect: assertion ‘src->h != 0’ failed

Has anyone saw this, any possible work around?

Ubuntu 22.04

Thank you @Hrbrgr . I’m familiar with how to insert a movie into Impress,
in fact I’ve been using it for all my presentations for about 8 years by now.
The same movies work fine with the same LibreOffice version on another box, but that has Gstreamer 1.14 and not 1.20. So I suspect the issue is with Gstreamer, however I found no way to downgrade it to 1.14.

The links I provided were my way of trying to help you.
I myself use Windows and can not help you with Ubuntu or derivatives.
I think someone else could help you.

The only solution I found was to install ubuntu 20.04 that pulls gstreamer 1.16. Mp4 movies now work in Impress. So the problem is with Gstreamer 1.20. Hople someone at some point will try to fix it.