Impress - Newly created Text Boxes shift position when unfocused

Whenever I insert a new Text Box in Impress, after I have finished writing and I click elsewhere (hence unfocusing the Text Box), it shifts right and down.

image description

These are the steps to Reproduce the behaviour on my machine:

  1. Create a new LO Impress file or open
    existing one

  2. F2 or Insert Text Box

  3. Write in the newly inserted Text Box

  4. Click outside of the Text Box

  5. The
    Text (and Text Box it seems)
    instantaneously and noticeably moves
    a handful of pixels right and down.

(As you can see in the GIF, this happens only when creating a New Textbox, not when editing an existing one)

I opened a bug on the official bugzilla instance, but since it didn’t gather much attention in the past days, and I deem the issue to be something pretty critical for normal usage, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone had the same sort of behaviour in their Impress installation. Thanks to anyone who will chip in and let me know!! :slight_smile: