impress next page not shown


i have a not so fast Athlon XP 3000+, running debian 64 bit (but this happens also with slower systems and e.g. lubuntu 14.04 where i have also tried the ppa with the last 4 version).

I load an impress presentation and i press f5 in order to show it fullscreen.

When i press the right arrow impress should show the next slide.

If it’s an only text slide, it works fine.

If it contains images (not big, something like 1024x768) often it doesn’t load and i have to press the right arrow another time in order to load it.

Seems like there is a delay after which the displaying of the next page is avoided (yes, i don’t pretend it will be loaded in 0.1 seconds, even after 2 seconds could be ok depending on the processor speed).

I find it quite frustrating… looks to me like a bug.

Thank you in advance.

[edit: added lo4 + lubuntu14 tags]