Impress Objects Disappear after Appear animation

In an impress slide I add an animation for an object to appear when clicking on a second object. When you run the presentation it works and the object appears, for a second, then disappears again straight away. It will keep appearing every time you click, but I just want it to appear and stay there. I have it set to not dim after animation but it just disappears straight away. How do I get it to appear when I click on a second object and then stay there afterwards?

I observe this effect and would suggest this is a bug. If you select ‘hide on next animation’ it no longer disappears. (However, I don’t entirely understand how to use this feature.)
Ubuntu 18.04 LO

I am experiencing the same problem in LO 7, using Manjaro Linux.

I am experiencing the same issue on LO 24

It looks like Bug 151096 - Impress Animation: The smiley face disappears with “Don’t Dim” but stays with “Dim with color” after the appearance event

So use one of the hacks listed in the bug report, in field After animation select

  • Dim with colour, or
  • Hide on next animation

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