Impress pictures are exchanged for an icon

I inserted several large (~6MB) pictures into an Impress presentation with half a dozen slides. While working the presentation all of the pictures were replaced with a small graphic icon and three dots in the top left corner of the field that used to display the pictures. What happened to the photos? How do I get them back?

BTW - I did try going to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View > Graphics output and turning off/on the graphics acceleration. That had no effect.

Maybe you are in Menu/View/Outline mode, can’t you see it in Menu/View/Normal mode?

No, I’m in the normal mode.

What I’ve also noticed is that the file size has been reduced from a large 75-100MB file to a small 10’s of KB file. So something happened to remove the data. Question is-why did Impress remove the data and replace it with an icon, and where if anywhere is the data it removed?

Most likely the icons appear because there is not enough memory to display the images.

Images must be uncompressed to display. A 6MB compressed JPG can be 30-50MB in memory when un-compressed for display. And you have “several” of them.

You can calculate the uncompressed size in MBs if you have the actual number of pixels. JPEGs are usually 24-bits per pixel. Transparent PNGs can be 32-bits per pixel.

The default LO memory settings are 20MB total, and 5.1MB per object. Obviously you have exceeded those limits. You can change these Memory settings in the Options settings.

Usually better to use appropriately sized images for this reason.

Save copies of your images at the actual sizes needed and then use those images in your document.

Once you have the images down to reasonable sizes I expect they will reappear.