Impress: Presentation does not start on external display or projector

I have LibreOffice on OpenSuse Leap 15.0 (build provided by SUSE). Until sometime this last August everything was working fine when in presentation mode: presenter console on my laptop screen and presentation on the external display (as selected in the "Show settings). The presentation no longer starts now on the external display: the presenter console show up as usual on my laptop screen but nothing shows up on the external display. I can see the background on my external display, so there is nothing wrong with the connection.

Additional info: This is a ThinkPad P1 laptop with a Quadro P2000 with Max-Q video card. The external display/projector is connected via an hdmi-vga adapter.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi! I’m going to start with the assumption the connection and secondary screen work as you can see your background on it. Open your presentation move your mouse to the secondary screen and click. I know the screen will be still black or white, right? If it is black press “b” and if it is white press “w” that should bring your presentation back to the second screen. Let me know if this was useful.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix anything. But, to clarify, my second screen is neither black nor white. As I mentioned, it just shows my usual desktop background (even after I enter the presentation mode on the laptop screen and the presenter console is on on the laptop screen). The second screen is fully functional: I can move any window on that screen and would display it normally, I can click and bring up desktop settings, etc. But Impress doesn’t show anything on this second screen when switching to presentation: it opens the presenter console on the laptop screen and that’s it. If I move the Impress window on the second screen, it will open the presenter console on that screen too (and wouldn’t show anything on the laptop screen), but, of course, that’s not what one would normally want to do.

There goes that. After upgrading to the 6.3 version presentation is doing strange things for me too. I’m not sure how to resolve your current issue ;(

In case this might be of use to others.

Just by accident, I discovered that this issue seems to be somehow related to ibus. There was an update of libreoffice that I installed a few days ago, and the presentation on the external display started to work after the update. As part of the update the IBus was installed too (seems to be required). IBus is software that I have been installing each time it got installed because it seems to interfere with something that I do (don’t recall exactly what). After I uninstalled IBus, the issue reemerged. Now, I have refreshed my libreoffice, which reinstalled IBus, and the issue is resolved again. It looks weird because I can’t imagine any connection with the presentation functionality.