Impress Presentation Times-Out During RDP


I am using RDP between two Pop!_OS computers to control a presentation. These two computers are a Raspberry Pi 400, fully updated and a NUC also fully updated.


When in presentation mode with presenter console enabled, the Pi blanks after approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds of inactivity from the Pi, however, mouse movement does not keep it active but mouse clicks keep it active. The blank screen is only recovered after pressing escape. This is repeatable and also occurs using OpenOffice!


I believe there is a bug with how Impress deals with a remote connection, possibly from the RD for phones. I have experience with C programming and would very much like any details about where this bug may be located so that I may be able to create a patch for my systems with building from source as well as any assistance! Thank you.

In case you missed it, this site is support for LibreOffice.

Have you checked over at, or are you, in fact, using LibreOffice?

I am using libreoffice. However, the problem also occurs using Openoffice! Since both use similar core code, there is something in that similar code which has this bug.

A similar issue with Impress Remote: tdf#120326.

I believe that you need to look at SlideShowImpl::setProperty; namely, its SwitchPenMode, SwitchEraserMode, EraseInk, PointerVisible, PointerPosition should call a function that would notify OS about user interaction (and that code, as mentioned in the bug I mentioned above, must be system-specific, so likely would need to be implemented in VCL).

Please start with a bug report - you would need it anyway when you would submit a patch (unless you intend to create it privately, without sharing with the community, and intend to support a private patched build for unspecified time).

Thank you so much! It is now bug #149853 and I am learning how to develop with LibreOffice! Again, Thank You!