Impress Progress Bar


Is there such a feature as a progress bar for Impress - meaning a bar which shows the progress and the remain of a presentation?

Or is there a way to create such a bar (any other than manually inserting a slightly growing bar in every slide)? Say with a macro? Though I have no idea how to write a macro!

I have to deliver a presentation where a progress bar is mandatory. Would be nice if someone could give me a hint.


I know it’s an old post, but I had that same need a few moths ago and wrote a simple macro:


Thanks, I used it for my last school presentation! I didn’t think a progress bar was necessary but I was asked to use it and in fact it is really nice to have it in a presentation :slight_smile: I just created an account so I can’t upvote at the moment but I will star your GitHub repo. Before finding your macro, I found an example that was not working, using Progress Bar - Apache OpenOffice Wiki Maybe it’s for OpenOffice only?

Hi @ichi-no-eda,

Sounds like a good idea for a feature request! Please file an enhancement bug and provide as much information as possible. Don’t forget to mark your bug as an ‘enhancement’. The QA team will be happy to help you triage your feature request in the bugtracker.

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.