Impress Recommended Image Size

I need to create a slideshow of paintings for an event. I think the place that is hosting the event will be running the slideshow on an HD display. What resolution will guarantee that the image will display clean and crisp?

The images need to very nearly fill the screen. In Page Setup I have the presentation set to the default
Screen 4:3
Width: 11.02"
Height 8.27"

Thank you for the advice

If the resolution of the projector is, say, 1920 × 1080 pixels (2.073.600 pixel, 16:9) so your images also can be formed to that. GIMP, for example, can start a new image 1920 × 1080 and give a resolution of 72 ppi which is for screen output.

For presentations orientate to the width or height max and then alter the values. Make your slideshow then with LibreOffice Impress / Insert / Media / Photo Album. Choose 16:9. Make sure that the import of images is like that:

  • Keep aspect ratio
  • Fill screen

For notes check this:

  • Add caption…

If a caption is not edited it will no show. So you don’t have to delete the caption rectangles. Probably set the transparency range to 50 percent or similar; that’s mostly better than the given 20 percent transparency.


You should select “Screen 16:9” in Properties-Slide on Sidebar on in dialogue from menu Slide-Properties

Thank you folks. I appreciate the tips.