Impress Remote App Not Available from Apple App Store

While it is mentioned in the Help of LO 7.6 ( link below) that the Impress Remote App is available for Apple Devices ( iPad , iPhone), it does not show up searching in the Apple App store.

It will be helpful if it is restored in the apple app store.


The page you referred, has a direct link to Apple Store at the bottom (“Related Topics”); and it seems to work: e.g., this is what it shows me:

Many thanks for your response. Yes your observation is true and that is why I posted the link ( to show that it is listed on some app store page). The problem is that you cannot install the app from here on an apple mobile device. When you go to the app store from an iPhone or iPad, this app does not show up in any search with terms like “Libre Office Remote for Impress” , “Impress Remote” , “LibreOffice Impress Remote” etc. like it does on the Google Play Store and therefore cannot be installed on the apple mobile device. It appears that the app has either been discontinued for apple iOS (in which case the documentation must state it as such) or taken down without anyone noticing it or I am missing something ! I do hope that if this is true, this reaches the LO Impress team and they make it available from the apple store as well.

No, this is a user-to-user Ask site. Please file a bug report.

Have filed a bug report as advised. Hope this is resolved.

Filed as tdf#158693