Impress Remote does not preview slide on android


I am running libreoffice-impress- and LibreOffice Impress Remote for Android v2.3.0

Machine firewall is open on ports 1598-1599/TCP.

Mobile is paired with machine using WIFI. All required LibreOffice settings are enabled.

Presentation is started upon connecting mobile to machine. The presentation control (prev / next slide) works perfectly, but the mobile is showing only white blank rectangles instead of slides preview. The speaker notes are displayed on the mobile perfectly.

Is this bug or some weird feature?

I also have problem with preview - version 2.3.0 is broken. Older release - 2.2.3 works well, but only on older androids - on newest android there is a crash when adding computer.
At this time, the only working solution is to use old android - my working combination is Android 4.4.2 and Impress Remote v2.2.3
Any plans to fix it?

The 2.2.3 works well but the 2.3.0 is broken. On newest Android, it crashes whenever I tried to add computer.

LibreOffice, Windows 10, no firewall. Android 7.1, latest version of Libreoffice Remote on Google Play.

Can’t see slide and can’t use laser pointer feature.

Also each time i lock my Android phone and unlock, the Remote app crashes.

Can connect over WiFi only. Bluetooth not working


Laptop with:
LibreOffice (x64) build aecc05fe267cc68dde00352a451aa867b3b546ac
Windows 10 Famille version 1809 - 17763.437

Cell phone :
Libre Office Impress remote 2.3.0 v20
Android 5.1.1

Bluetooth works fine.
Animations and transitions between slides ok.

But :
1)No preview of the slides on the phone (either in one slide by one slide mode, or in the wall of thumbnails)
2) No pointer shows up when activated in Libre Office Impress remote (yet pointer enabled in the impress file itself).

Thanks for any help,