Impress Remote won't work over WiFi

When I try to use the Impress Remote app over WiFi it simply won’t work. I’ve done all the previous steps (enabling the option in Impress, restarting LibO) and added the PCs IP in the app. The app says that it can’t get connected. I don’t use bluetooth because my laptop doesn’t has bluetooth.

I really wanted to try this but haven’t been able to.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace with CyanogenMod7 and my laptop has Linux Mint Nadia installed.

Hi @HaPK,

Using the Android Impress Remote over WiFi is currently an experimental feature:

@tbehrens writes:

Wireless is currently an experimental feature - caveat emptor. To enable, you have to select the Tools->Options-Advanced “enable experimental features” checkbox in LibreOffice.

The notes on that bug further explain that documentation re: WiFi will “probably not [be displayed] prominently on end-user facing pages” (until this feature is supported).

If you’re interested in helping in the development of WiFi support, please either comment on that bug or ping the dev list.


Further reference: