Impress: rendering problems with SVGs and other objects in Win 10

I’ve made a slide illustrating a few rendering problems in Impress that I’ve encountered in presentation mode on a Windows 10 machine. It consists of a number of SVGs inserted into the slide, and one native LibreOffice shape. These are example SVGs, which I all made in Inkscape. Any advice welcome.

Problem: SVG objects with gradients are rendered with hard edges rather than with soft edges (anti-aliased) in presentation mode. Solid SVG objects are rendered correctly. I want all objects to be rendered smoothly. How to achieve this?

Below are some zoomed-in areas from the slide, showing the behaviour:

The blue sphere with the solid edge renders correctly:

The image below is a zoom-in on the ball in the top right, which is not an inserted SVG, but an object made within LibreOffice Impress. I am not sure if this is related, but it is clearly not acceptable:

Curiously enough, all the graphics seem to be rendering correctly in edit mode:

The graphics settings (under Options > LibreOffice > View):

  • [Use hardware acceleration] is ON
  • [Use anti-aliasing] is ON
  • [Use OpenGL for all rendering] is OFF > I found that disabling this made animations (fades) run considerably smoother.