Impress resizes formulas after reopening document

Dear Impressed community,

I use equations in slides very often and while editing, everything goes fine. However, after saving as .opd file and reopening it next time, my equations are always resized, sometimes even extremely distored. I can still click and edit them but that does not affect the size.

It is possible to restore their original size using the right mousebotton menu but they will be distorted again next time and sometimes editing those formulas even make libreoffice crash.

The only solution so far is to break them into single elements and group those. Of course that will prevent me from changing them later. So I keep entering the same expression again and again very often.

Anyone stumbled across this problem before?



Dear Thomas, I tried to reproduce what you wrote, but I didn’t see such error… I create formula using Insert → Object → Formula. Save in ODP, and reopened… size was the same… then i double clicked the formula, went to menu Format → Font Size (in application Formula menu), and change font size of the formula… saved it and reopened… everything was fine… However, I was not able to change size of the formula by scaling… in order to change size, I had to go to Format → Font size