Impress - Slide Notes aside is needed

Slide notes aside is needed.

Hello! As a teacher and conferencist, I need to review my notes on each Slide in an conference. The impress aloud me to print only “one slide and note” in each page, and this is a nonsense.
It could be very nice if I could have the notes by the side of each slide, and choosing how many slides each page could have printed, as shown:
Line1: [Slide1]…[Note1]…
Line2: [Slide2]…[Note2]…
Line3: [Slide3]…[Note3]…
Line4: [Slide4]…[Note4].
This way I could verify my notes, through the presentation of the slide-show. Therefore I could use this resource properly.
The way it is formating to print, actually, it doesn’t fit to anybody to use it! It is like a meanless resource: you can put a note there, but it is not accessible in a conference by the PC neither by an printed copy (for the large volume of pages). If you put a note there, that is not retriveble, is like it has an ghost existence.
I am an enthusiastic of Libre-Office, and this is the only reason that I took my time to write this contribution. Thanks anyway for all!

Menu/File/Print/Page layout - pages per sheet.

I really need this feature also.
Actually the only way to archive something neat it, but not at all good, is to chose 4 iamges by page,
but then, it’s only available in landscape mode and the commment are under and not ar the right,
It’s not pratical to write note on it.