Impress Slides Will Not Print Centered

I am running LibreOffice on Windows 10

When I attempt to print slides through the Impress program – they always print to the left of the page. This is for Full Slides (not handouts). I can’t find any place within the program to correct this.

Using MS PowerPoint, I can open the same file and print the full slide and it automatically is centered on the printed page.

The printer selected does not matter – even using CutePDF the same results are duplicated.

Impress: Full Slides print left justified (off centered)
PowerPoint: Full Slides print centered.

What, if anything, can be done to correct this? I would prefer to use LibreOffice Impress as my main program, but this is a significant problem.

  • In which file format do you save?
  • Can you try a newer LibreOffice version?
  • Can you provide a sample file?
  • To upload edit your initial question. Thank you.