Impress slides with video portable from Linux to Windows with MS Office Powerpoint

I am trying to use my home Linux PC running LibreOffice to create a slideshow I can copy to a Windows PC and use with MS Office PowerPoint (and later MS Office on an Apple PC). It all works fine if I only use “text” slides (no mp4 videos) when I save the presentation as a .ppt format. When I add slides with mp4 videos the problems start. I can save as a .ppt and use the saved file on the same Linux PC just fine. But if I copy the .ppt with linked (not embedded) .mp4 videos and the .mp4 files to Windows and open with MS Office I get only the “text” slides, the .mp4 video slides do not work. I suspect this is because the .ppt file saves the full absolute pathname to the linked (not embedded) .mp4 files which of course on Windows that path doesn’t exist (they exist but in a different path). I have the config check box for “relative URL” set but from what I see it doesn’t work for linked .mp4 videos. My reasoning is if I copy the .ppt file (not .mp4 files) on Linux to another directory, say /tmp, and open it there the linked .mp4 videos still work which would only make sense if the link was an absolute path. I have also tried embedding the .mp4 videos but this seems to not actually save to the .ppt file since if I save the file on Linux, close LibreOfiice, then open the file the videos are not there. I can embed the .mp4 video and save in a .odp file then open that later and it all works. But if I copy that .odp file to Windows the .mp4 video does work now but the “text” slides are formatted incorrectly. Sigh. How to make this work? If I could get the linked (not embedded) mp4 videos to use relative paths (all in the same the same directory/folder) it should work but I can’t get relative paths for linked .mp4 videos to actually work. Ideas? I can’t be the only person try to use slide shows on multiple platforms. And no, I am not allowed to install LibreOffice on the Windows or Apple PCs.