Impress slideshow doesn't display next slide

I click start slideshow (or start from current slide). The slide show starts. I click the mouse. Nothing happens. I press space. Nothing happens. I press arrows, enter, page-up & -down. Nothing happens until I’ve done these things (number-of-slides)+1 times when the slideshow stops and returns me to the edit screen.

All slides have “Advance slide - on mouse click” set. I have no transitions on any slide.

I’ve just installed the latest release, I’m running Win 10 on a Dell laptop.

I created the presentation as a .odp file. I’ve also saved it as a .pptx file. The .pptx version behaves the same way in Impress as the original. However, it runs fine in Windows PowerPoint (emailed to a friend) and in Google Slides (accessed via FireFox)

What’s going on? What am I missing?

Try clicking Tools > Options > View and unticking Use Skia for all rendering and see if that works. Cheers, Al

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Thanks Al, that has done the trick. What is Skia and why does it screw things up in this way on my (I thought) perfectly normal and up-to-date PC?
Cheers - Mark @ Steam Age

As I understand it, Skia is part of hardware acceleration. Not all hardware works with it.